Ad Harmonium is a neo-classical music duo from South Africa.

"The kind of music when you want to listen to yourself."

We both grew up in South Africa. So our sound has European influences, but a lot of African inspiration. It’s all about creating a sense of sound that we feel around us, that’s unique to where we’re from.

Ad Harmonium is a made up of Sebee and felt habit. Both have released separately on dance records Anjunadeep and This Never Happened, but it was their shared appreciation for contemporary classical music that brought them together.




‘The Witness’




Our vision is to become touring artists, bringing our sound to the world through intimate and enlivened performances.

We’re looking for a home for our music; a label that understands it and is looking to nurture our emerging act. We have been recording in secret over the past 4 years, building up material for this moment. Now we’re reaching out for a partner that will provide the mentorship and resources needed to bring a definite body of work into being.

Do you share our vision?

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